Tax Evaders and Fraud Status Code - Business License

The following status codes are used within the City of Fairfax Project Discovery system.

Added to Business License Tax Files – If a tip results in a viable tax liability, the status indicator will report “added to the Business License Tax File.” This does not necessarily mean the business will immediately display a business license since a license cannot be issued until all delinquent taxes have been paid, but this does ensure that the City has added the business to the tax roll for license purposes and that the owner has been contacted about the requirement to obtain and display a business license.

Already Licensed – This means the City has already issued a business license. There are several possibilities as to why a business that is already on the City tax rolls might not be displaying a valid business license and consequently be reported as a tax evader. It might simply be a timing issue and the business owner has registered but has not yet displayed his license. Another possibility is that the business has a valid license but has limited space to publically display his license. A third possibility is the business owner has delinquent taxes. In such cases, a City business license cannot be issued until all delinquent tax liabilities have been paid.

Not Liable – Business is exempt, or otherwise not liable for a City of Fairfax business license.

Pending – Business has been submitted and staff are searching for the vehicle information.